3D polymer matrix device for dual drug delivery and simultaneous treatment of acute malaria and malaria transmission


3D4D2 – A novel solution for the fight against malaria

A custom-designed polymeric delivery system with controlled drug release of therapeutic antimalarial drugs for the treatment of the entire malaria cure cycle.

The 3D4D2 M-era.Net project started in 2021 and consist of a team of world-class researchers spanning across Europe and Africa, who came together to combine their expertise and knowledge to contribution to one of the biggest challenges and a global burden, the fight against malaria.


Mosquitoes – The deadliest animal on earth

Malaria is a worldwide pandemic that cause millions of deaths each year. It is an especially great burden in developing countries and continues to place millions more at risk. Even though Malaria is considered a preventative and curable disease, it continues to spread. This is mainly the result of poor socio-economic factors in third-world countries, that influences the availability of treatment and access to healthcare.

For this reason, there is a continuous need for the advancement of malaria treatment and for the improvement of its efficiency.  A sustainable solution needs to be designed, in order to provide effective treatment to developing countries where it is not always possible to afford preventive measurements and receive medical treatment.

Our Research

Manage. Prevent. Eliminate.

The 3D4D2 project aims to contribute to finding a solution to this problem by enabling complete treatment of the malarial disease with minimum intervention; and, at the same time, through the elimination of malaria by breaking its transmission cycle. The 3D4D2 project will aim to develop a sustainable approach for the treatment and prevention of malaria, by using exciting technologies and antimalarial medicine that has proven to be most effective against the malaria parasite.

A custom-designed polymer-based system will be developed that will be able to administrate multiple drugs, in a controllable manner, to treat the entire cycle of the malaria disease, ensuring long lasting benefits. The device will attempt to simultaneously treat acute malaria and eliminate its distribution, by blocking malaria transmission in one single application. The aim is to develop a sustainable protocol that will contribute to personal and public health, by systematically eliminating malaria. This will aid in addressing the interruption of malaria treatment caused by socio-economic obstacles in third world countries.

The Experts

World renowned researchers addressing a worldwide pandemic

The 3D4D2 project team consist of world class international researchers with unique expert knowledge that are strongly interdisciplinary and complementary. This international team of experts will contribute and enable a significant step ahead in the treatment of malaria by developing an advancing a sustainable protocol for the treatment, prevention and elimination of malaria.

Meet the experts that wants to help fight against malaria.

Advanced Analysis 

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Sustainable Malaria Control

Laboratory on Polymers

Department of Chemistry and Polymer Science

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Matrix Engineering 

Research Institute for Malaria

Laboratory on Pharmaceutical Technology

Department of Biochemistry

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Prof. Kelly Chibale, PhD

Prof. Christoph Abels, MD, PhD

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